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Congratulations on receiving your offer to join the School of Life Sciences at Warwick. Before arriving, there are a number of tasks you'll need to take care of - please follow the steps below. If you need any more information or advice, the links below will guide you towards further information.


Please note: You will receive information from the University about how you enrol on your degree. You must do this in order to confirm your place at the University.

For more information about how to enrol as a new student at the University of Warwick please visit the Enrolment Pages.

Welcome Week (commencing 28 September 2020)

During Welcome Week, we run a fantastic programme of events and activities in partnership with the Students' Union, designed to help you settle in, make friends and adapt to life at Warwick. You will be able to view the timetable of events from 9 September. This includes welcome sessions from Life Sciences, as well as hundreds of additional events and activities to suit a variety of interests.

You can also view a table of all Welcome Week events organised directly by the School of Life Sciences.

We encourage you to attend as many Welcome events as possible, throw yourself into the opportunities we offer, and get as much out of Welcome Week as you can.

Personalised Timetable

Students can view a personalised timetable of tutorials and lab classes. You can view your timetable in your Tabula profile. When you are enrolled and logged into the Warwick intranet you can find more information here. Please note that the timetable may not populate until the first week of October as the last sessions on the timetable are finalised. Information about lectures will be sent to you via Moodle and this will be explained in your welcome talks.

You'll also be able to view your timetable via the Warwick mobile app called My Warwick

Find out who your Personal Tutor is

Please note that this will not be populated until close to 5 October 2020.

Browse to and select My Student Profile.

Your student profile contains your contact and course information. The tabs on the secondary navigation bar enable you to see details of your Personal Tutor.

To find out a little more about your personal tutor you could visit their webpage.

Purchase Key Course Textbooks

We recommend that you use the following textbooks in Year 1. Recommended texts for Years 2 and 3 can then be found in the module summaries, depending on the options that you choose. We recommend that you wait until you arrive before purchasing books so that you know which will be most useful for your studies. All of these books are available in the University Library in hard copy (some also in electronic format). They can also be purchased from the University Bookshop, as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

Choosing and Using Statistics: a Biologist's Guide
Dytham,C. 2011

3rd edition
ISBN: 9781444328431 (ebook)


Brock Biology of Microorganisms
Madigan, Bender, Buckley, Sattley, and Stahl 2019

15th Edition
ISBN: 9781292235196 (ebook)


Berg, Tymczko, Gatto, and Stryer 2019

9th Edition
ISBN: 9781319114657


Complete the Undergraduate Induction Programme

The online Induction to Life Sciences programme provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge that you will need for your degree. It covers the basic laboratory techniques and study skills which our current students have told us are important for starting your degree successfully.

To ensure that you have the skills necessary to engage with online learning successfully, you have access to the Warwick Online Learning Fundamentals module as part of the on-demand Welcome provision. We strongly encourage you to complete these study units before Welcome Week. All Welcome Week sessions will run via Microsoft Teams, as will majority of online provision in the coming academic year. We encourage you to download Microsoft Teams to your electronic device after you have enrolled. Once you are set up, log into Teams using your University of Warwick account

Other Useful Information