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A little bit of history...

Crop research has been undertaken at the Wellesbourne campus for more than 60 years.

1949 - National Vegetable Research Station (NVRS) was established in response to post-war pressure for food production.

A second-hand wooden hut was erected in January 1950, with the modest dimensions of 12ft by 15ft to provide office accommodation for the Director, Secretary and shorthand-typist’ NVRS First Annual Report.

1959 - Prince Philip Building was formally opened housing specialist laboratories, library, lecture hall and admin offices.

1973 - David Lowe Building was added to the south-west wing of the Prince Philip Building to provide additional laboratory and office space.

1990 - Horticulture Research International (HRI) established (merger between AFRC Institute of Horticultural Research (operating on sites at Wellesbourne, Littlehampton, East Malling and Wye) and the Agricultural Development Advisory Service (ADAS) Experimental Horticulture Stations (EHSs) at Efford, Kirton and Stockbridge House).

2004 - Warwick HRI formed on 1 April 2004 following the integration of HRI sites at Wellesbourne and Kirton with The University of Warwick.

2010 - School of Life Sciences formed following merger of Warwick HRI and Department of Biological Sciences.