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Warwick Crop Centre - Wellesbourne Campus Seminars

The Wellesbourne Campus Seminar Series will run on Thursdays in PPB 0.27 at 12:45 every two weeks.

There will be two internal or one guest speaker speaker for the 1 hour seminar.

Everyone is welcome. If you are not a member of the University and would like to come along then please email Claire Barratt at C dot Barratt at warwick dot ac dot uk






21st Jan

Examining identity, phylogeny, and pathogenicity factors in Fusarium species affecting pea

Sascha Jenkins

The Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network

Peter Walley

28th Jan

Dr Fernando Ponz, INIA, Spain: Peeping into plant development using a viral magnifying glass

11th Feb

Who is sowing our seeds? Use of the UK Vegetable Genebank Seed Collections 1980-present

Charlotte Allender

Exploiting Next Generation Sequencing to investigate the genetics of parsnip root disease and develop a marker assisted breeding strategy

Lauren Chappell

25th Feb

Knowing the enemy - the
genetic diversity and host range
of Turnip yellows virus (TuYV), an
important pathogen of oilseed
rape in Europe

Max Newbert

Methylation changes in
doubled haploid breeding

Jon Price

10th Mar

Exploiting sources of resistance to Turnip yellows virus (TuYV) for deployment in oilseed rape

Adam Baker Pre-breeding for disease resistance to necrotrophic fungal pathogens in lettuce Adam Talbot

17th Mar

Field losses of lettuce: causes and quantification

Rob Lillywhite

Modelling the germination of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum sclerotia in field

Zofia Garajova

7th Apr

Joe Martin, AHDB Horticulture: AHDB Horticulture and crop protection research

21st Apr

Deformed Wing Virus of Honeybees

Jessica Fannon


5th May

Developing strategies for
sustainable use of resistance
to white rust in brassicas

Joana Vicente    

19th May

Biology of the cabbage whitefly (Aleyrodes proletella)

Spencer Collins

Understanding pathogenicity and resistance in the Fusarium oxysporum-onion pathosystem

Andrew Taylor

26th May

Tom Pope, Harper Adams University: Exploiting radio frequency identification tags in pest management research

9th June

Improving the resilience of
sandy soils to degradation

Esther Ogunniyi Transgenic and proteomic
investigation of white rust
resistance in Indian Mustard

Pankaj Sharma, Amity
University, India

      Albugo candida biodiversity in India

Anand Tewari, GBPUAT
University, India

23rd June

Linkage and association
mapping of plant resistance and
pathogen avirulence in

Andy Tock


7th July

Developing a strain improvement
system for the entomopathogenic
fungus Beauveria bassiana: a way to get better biocontrol agents?

Laura Reyes    

21st July

Investigating interactions between novel biopesticides to develop an integrated system for pest management Victoria Woolley    

8th Sept

Understanding the ecology and epidemiology of Pythium
violae causing cavity spot in carrot crops

Kathryn Hales Biocontrol of diamondback moth: interactions between pest, pathogen and environment Declan Perry

6th Oct

Update on the currant-lettuce aphid

Graham Teakle

Institutional Bottlenecks in UK Fresh Produce

Jonathan Menary

13th Oct

Jerry Knox, Cranfield University: How much water do we eat? UK food impacts on global water scarcity

3rd Nov

Managing migrant Lepidoptera
Rosemary Collier Broadening and improving the
Turnip yellows virus resistance
base in oilseed rape (BITYR)
Shannon Easterlow

30th Nov

Exploiting new sources of
broad-spectrum resistance
to Turnip mosaic virus in
Lawrence Bramham

8th Dec

David Studholme, University of Exeter: Genome gazing: bacteria, oomycetes and maybe a crop plant