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Crop Science Seminars 2017

The Crop Science Seminar Series will run on Thursdays at the Wellesbourne campus in PPB 0.27 at 12:45 every two weeks.

There will be two internal or one guest speaker speaker for the 1 hour seminar.

Everyone is welcome. If you are not a member of the University and would like to come along then please email Claire Barratt at C dot Barratt at warwick dot ac dot uk 222






2nd Feb

Examining identity, phylogeny, and pathogenicity factors in Fusarium species affecting pea

Sascha Jenkins

Developing integrated approaches for pest and disease
control in horticultural field crops

Diana Katschnig

23rd Feb

Jon West, Rothamsted - Precision plant pathology

2nd Mar

Capturing microbial co-symbiosis to sustain plant productivity

Beatriz Lagunas Towards forecasting the
germination of Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum sclerotia in field
Zofia Garajova

16th Mar

Evolutionary responses to climate change in Festuca ovina

Sarah Trinder

Developing a biocontrol system for the diamondback moth using insect-pathogenic fungi

Declan Perry

6th Apr

Narcissus: alternative control of Fusarium and stem nematodes in bulb stocks

Rob Lillywhite

Deformed wing virus of honeybees

Jessica Fannon

27th Apr

Search for durable resistance to
white rust of mustard (Brassica

Joana Vicente The role of small non-coding
RNAs in maize male gamete
Rob Maple

11th May

Murray Grant - Breaching and building plant defences – dissecting local and systemic responses to pathogens

25th May

Volkan Cevik, University of Bath - Albugo candida-Brassicaceae Interactions : From Model to Crops

8th June

Day length regulation of bulb formation in onion

Wei Cheng

The power of SIX: the
importance of secreted in xylem
(SIX) genes in pathogenicity of
Fusarium oxysporum

Andrew Taylor

22nd June More crop per drop for sandy soils: key findings on effect of organic and inorganic amendments Esther Ogunniyi  

6th July

Understanding the natural
function of cordycepin, a
metabolite produced by the
entomopathogenic fungus
cordyceps militaris

Victoria Woolley

Reducing post-harvest
discolouration in cut lettuce

Paul Hunter

7th Sep

Developing a strain improvement system for the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana: a way to get better biocontrol agents?

Laura Reyes Understanding the ecology and epidemiology of Pythium
causing cavity spot on carrot
Kathryn Hales

14th Sep

John Fraser, Dow Agrosciences - The Strategic Role of Wellesbourne in a Global Business

2nd Nov

Pangenomic analysis of Xanthomonas
campestris plant pathogens provides clues on genetic determinants of pathogenic traits within the species
Vania Horta de Passo

Biologically-based control of Varroa

Scott Dwyer

30th Nov

Matt Back, Haper Adams University