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MORPH4 Winter Cauliflower Model Update

Please click on the link below and download the self-extracting executable archive. Once you have downloaded the self-extracting executable archive all that you should need to do is double click on the download.

Download Winter Cauliflower Update now.

The file within the above archive will be placed in the default location of C:\Program Files\Morph\Models- this should not have to be changed if you did not change the installation directory when installing MORPH.

If you did change the installation directory when installing morph you need to locate the 'Models' folder where the WinCauli.dll file is located and then place the path of that folder into the path text box for the self-extracting executable to use.

Before you download and install this update we recommend that you backup your existing version of MORPH by first by closing the application and copying the contents of the MORPH folder to another folder or onto CD. That way you could always revert back to a version of the software that was working.