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Help on sending an email attachment to MORPH Support

The following guide will walk you through the steps to create a file that can be attached to an email and sent to Morph Support.

If you attempt to send a file that has a restricted file extension then the files will go into quarantine - this is determined by the security procedures on our email server. When attempting to send files that have a restricted file extension for example .dll .exe or .mdb it will appear that the email has successfully been sent, however we are not able to view the attached files.

The way to get around this is to zip up the file in a password protected archive TWICE. You will need to use a tool like Winzip or WinRar.

1) First locate the file that you would like to send to the MORPH helpdesk, in this example we are sending the MORPH database 'MORPH32.mdb'. (Note that in some Operating Systems the same file may be displayed in a similar window to the one below, but without the file extension .mdb).


2) The screenshot below indicates the file that we have selected for this example - MORPH32.mdb. Right-click on the file and then find the entry for your archiving tool, in this example we are using WinZip. Select the "Add to Zip" option.


3) The "Add" zip dialog box will then appear as indicated below. Click on the "Password" button.


4) The "Password" dialog box will then appear, enter the password that you want (a memorable one that you can include in your email to MORPH support), then click on the "OK" button.


5) You will then be required to reenter your password, do that and press the "OK" button.


6) You will then return to the "Add With Password" dialog box. Click on the "Add" button and the password protected archive will be created.


7) Close the WinZip window now that this archive has been created, by clicking on the X button in the top-right of the window.


8) You should now locate your new password protected zip archive (see example below)


9) Create a new folder in the same directory with a meaningful name.


10) Cut the password protected zip archive by selecting the archive, and then right-clicking on it and selecting the 'Cut' option.


11) Move to the new folder, right-click in the folder and select the "Paste" option, to move the password protected zip archive to this location.


12) The password protected zip archive will now be located in the folder.


13) Go up a level so that you can see the folder that you have created, and placed the zip archive into. Then right-click on the folder and select the "Add to Zip" option.


14) The "Add" dialog will then appear, click on the "Password" button.


15) The "Password" dialog will then appear, enter a memorable password - preferably the same password as the one used in the first couple of steps. Then click on the OK button.


16) You will then be asked to reenter your password to confirm it. Then click on the "OK" button.


17) You will then be returned to the "Add With Password" dialog box, simply click on the "Add" button and your archive will be created. You will now have a password protected archive that contains a password protected archive, this can now be sent to Morph Support .