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Gordon Hanks - Associate Fellow

Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)17 7572 3916; Email:

Research Interests

  • Flower-bulb crops, especially narcissus (daffodil) – crop production and improvement, physiology, pests and diseases
  • Cut-flower crops (field- and tunnel-grown)


Gordon worked for Warwick HRI and its predecessor organisations for over 30 years. He researched the physiology and agronomy of flower-bulb crops, with some forays into the brassica and soft-fruit sectors. Latterly, he specialised in narcissus and non-bulb cut-flower crops. In 2007 he ‘retired’ and became an independent consultant.

The essence of Gordon’s interest in crop production science is the improvement of crop quality, and his work included the development of a daffodil crop model and the integrated control of pests and diseases. Applied research and technology transfer are important to his work.

As an Associate of the Warwick Crop Centre, Gordon is currently working with Dr Rosemary Collier on the causes of ‘daffodil stem rust’ disorder, and with Dr John Clarkson on improving the control of daffodil base rot (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. narcissi). As an independent his projects include research on the hot-water treatment of daffodils and the evaluation of novel cut-flower crops.

Selected Publications

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