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Resources for Crop Nutrition

We have a number of specialised facilities to support studies on soil and nutrient management.


Our facilities include:

  • Site with depleted P & K status for soil nutrient studies
  • Over 6 hectares available annually for field vegetable and associated trials work (with irrigation)
  • Precision fertiliser application technology
  • Hydroponic and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) growing facilities for accurate supply of nutrient
  • Non-destructive root growth assessment facilities
  • On-site soil and plant analytical laboratory
  • Compost mixing equipment
  • Rhizotrons (for examining roots in situ)

If you are interested in accessing our facilities please contact Sally dot Mann at warwick dot ac dot uk


Research expertise:

  Rob Lillywhite   Rob Lillywhite - the nitrogen nutrition of crops and the release of nitrogen from crop residues.
  Miriam Gifford   Miriam Gifford - nodulation in plants, improving nitrogen use efficiency.

Find out about our Crop Nutrition Research

If you are interested in working with us please contact Robert dot Lillywhite at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Crop trials
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Compost application studies
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