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Resources for Pest Management

The Wellesbourne site is ideal for studies on pest management.

Our facilities include:

  • Specific site with perpetual carrot fly population
  • Specific site for cabbage root fly trials
  • Specific site for lettuce aphid trials
  • An insect rearing unit which provides material for laboratory and field experiments
  • Containment facilities for work on exotic pests
  • Range of glasshouses and polytunnels
  • Laboratory facilities - a large one for general insect work, a smaller lab for the production of artificial diets for insect rearing
  • Ten controlled environment rooms of different sizes, where temperature and daylength can be set

If you are interested in accessing our facilities please contact


Research expertise:

Rosemary Collier Rosemary Collier - modelling interactions between insects and the environment, host-plant finding behaviour of phytophagous insects, development of Integrated Pest Management systems for the pests of field vegetable and bulb crops.
Dave Chandler  Dave Chandler - Integrated Pest Management, biological control, fungal control of insect and mite pests.
Andy Jukes Andy Jukes - insecticide trials, residue analysis.

Find out about our Pest Research

If you are interested in working with us please contact Rosemary dot Collier at warwick dot ac dot uk




Carrot fly trap
Carrot fly field trials

Insect rearing
Insect rearing unit
Lab facilities
Lab facilities