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The AMBER project

  • Biopesticides are safe crop protection products based on micro-organisms, plant extracts and other natural compounds.
  • AMBER is a research project to identify practical ways for growers to improve the performance of these products in their crop protection programmes.



Application and Management of Biopesticides for Efficacy and Reliability is funded by the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (project code CP158) using levy funds from UK growers.


Current research

  • We're working to improve biopesticide spray applications.
  • We're investigating how biopesticides affect pest population growth.
  • We're studying biopesticide persistence on crop plants. This will help growers plan their spray programmes better.

Latest publications

You can access the AHDB research project page for AMBER for summaries of the research and reports.

See our articles about AMBER in AHDB grower:

    News and Events

    Spray application workshop

    An ornamental biopesticide spray application workshop was held at Bordon Hill Nursery on the 23rd October 2018. See link

    Lectures and presentations

    Short videos currently available:

    Importance of biopesticides and IPM

    Importance of water volumes

    Preparing for application

    Case Study 1- Bordon Hill Nurseries

    Contact the AMBER project

    For more information please contact:

    Dave Chandler

    Gill Prince