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Food Systems and Consumer Insights

We are using an interdisciplinary approach to investigate different food systems and consumer behaviour in relation to food.

Consumer understanding of food security

Consumer insight into food prices and food security (Rosemary Collier (Project leader), Liz Dowler, Andrew Mead).

Aim: To assess consumer understanding of, and reactions to, changing food prices and food security (Defra project FO0414).

Food and poverty, food access in areas of social deprivation, evaluation of local initiatives, and policy intervention at local and national level. (Liz Dowler)

Organic markets

(Rosemary Collier, Jane Fellows)

Aim: To characterise the organic market in the UK following on from a recommendation by the Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS) R&D Committee for an in-depth consideration of organic markets and the potential for increasing UK production to meet them.

This two-year desk study was commissioned by Defra in the policy area of Sustainable Farming Systems and Biodiversity (OF0374).

Read the Defra final report

Arable Livestock