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FO0415 SME Energy Awareness Survey

Dear FDF member,

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this Defra/FDF Energy Awareness survey.

The survey is being carried out by the University of Warwick as part of the Defra funded project FO0415 ‘Energy dependency and food chain security’.

This survey is voluntary and should only take a few minutes to complete. We welcome further comments if appropriate. All replies will be treated as anonymous and in confidence although there is the opportunity at the bottom of the form to include your contact details if you wish. This is voluntary but would allow us to follow up your replies if required.
1. Have you considered any of the following as an alternative to your current gas or electric supply?
Installed Considering Rejected Not considered
Solar water heating
Solar electricity generation
Combined heat and power (CHP)
Anerobic digestor
Heat pump

2. If you have considered and rejected alternative energy sources, what was the basis of the rejection?

(Note – physical constraint examples include poor site for wind or solar, planning constraints, inappropriate application for process used in factory, etc.)
Too expensive Poor payback Physical constraint Unfamiliar with technology
Solar water heating
Solar electricity generation
Combined heat and power (CHP)
Anerobic digestor
Heat pump

3. Which comment below most accurately reflects your view on the on-going availability of energy?
Gas Electric
I have no concerns about the continuity of energy supply
Supply disruptions will be of short duration and unlikely to affect my business
I am concerned about future extended and frequent interruptions of supply

4. What contingency plans do you have in place to mitigate the effect of energy supply disruption?

5. How would you describe Government responsibility for energy supply?

6. Which comment below most accurately refects your view on the future trends of energy prices?

7. I understand the effect an energy price increase will have on the cost of my:
Yes No Partial
Raw materials
Processing costs
Delivery costs

8. What is your approach to controlling energy costs?

9. What comment best reflects your understanding of energy costs?

10. What level of energy reduction and sustainability training is given in your company?
Energy reduction (internal provider) Energy reduction (external provider) Sustainability (internal provider) Sustainability (external provider)
Basic awareness to some staff
Basic awareness to all staff
Comprehensive for designated staff
Comprehensive for all staff

11. Where you have implemented energy reduction options, what was the main driver behind the project?
Cost saving Grant available Owner pressure Customer/retailer pressure CCA/CRC commitments Mainly PR driven Wish to learn about technology
Low energy lighting
Improved draught exclusion
Tuning boiler burners
Improved lagging
Lighting proximity switching
Building and roof improvements
Heating and AC improvements
Compressed air optimisation
Waste heat recovery
Energy reduction campaign

12. Please could you give us some basic information about your company? This will be used to categorise the results by sector within the whole FDF membership.
What is your company’s annual turnover (£million)

We are happy to provide individual feedback to respondents. If you would like to know how your company compares to the overall average or wish us to contact you to provide more detailed follow-up material, please complete your contact details below. Thank you for completing the survey.
Privacy statement
We appreciate your time and help in completing this Energy Awareness survey - thank you. All replies will be treated as confidential and no data which personally identifies you will be used in our final report. The data you provide is used solely to help Defra and the Food and Drink Federation understand the energy issues faced by SMEs.
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