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Adcon AddVANTAGE MORPH Extension Download

The MORPH extension for Adcon addVANTAGE Logger/Weather Station software will enable the data from the Adcon software to be exported directly into a MORPH met data archive that you have setup and configured with an "Adcon AddVantage 3.30" data source.

Follow the instructions below to download and install the MORPH extension (Morext.dll ) for the Adcon addVANTAGE Logger/Weather Station software. Please note that this software is set to expire in January 2008.

Click on the download button below to save the Morext.dll to your computer, then follow these instructions:

download button

1. Locate the Morext.dll file on your computer

If you saved the file onto your desktop it will look something like this:

morext.dll on the desktop

2. Find the AE3 folder on your C: drive

Open up a Windows Explorer window and search for the AE3 folder:

locate the AE3 folder

3. Open the AE3 folder and find the Ext folder:

Open the AE3 folder

4. Open the EXT folder and copy the Morext.dll from the desktop (if that is where you saved it) to the EXT folder:

copy morext.dll to EXT folder


You are now ready to continue using the Adcon addVANTAGE software with MORPH4.