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Lincolnshire Field Products - data recovery

This page should only be accessed by Lincolnshire Field Products employees. The tool downloaded from this page will recover the farm, field and reports information for Lincolnshire Field Products.

As with all our software we do not make any guarantees about preventing data loss. This software downloaded from this page is covered by the same software license as all of the MORPH software. Click here for more details.

Please follow the steps below to install MORPH4 and preserve your farm, field, and report information:

1) Install MORPH4

Download and install MORPH4 from this website - you will need a password from HDC, and a computer with Windows XP to use the software.

2) Download and install the data recovery tool from this page

Click on the download button below, save the "restoremydata.exe" somewhere that you can easily access. Double click on the "restoremydata.exe" file, the files will be extracted to C:\Program Files\Morph'. Only change the location where the data is extracted to if you changed the default place where MORPH4 is installed.

3) Start MORPH4 and continue to use it with your old data.