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Well_N Model - Inputs - Soil N Sample Dialog

When a soil sample is taken in the field, select Soil Mineral N...from the WELL_Npull down menu. Then enter the details using the following dialog:-

Soil N Sample Dialog

Date of New Event:Enter the date when the soil sample was taken.

Number of Layers Sampled:Enter the number of different layers in the soil sample. Layer Size Sampled:Enter the thickness of each layer in cm. Each layer must be the same size and a multiple of 5cm. To remove an existing event, click on the event in the top half of the dialog then click on the Deletebutton. To add a new event complete the above questions then click on the Addbutton. The following dialog will appear, to accept the results for each layer as specified above.

Soil N Sample Layers Dialog

Enter the soil N value for each layer and click on the OKbutton, to enter the sample.