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Running Multiple Models and Fields

Running Multiple Models and Fields

When the user needs to run on the same model on several fields or different models on the same field the process can be automated. Generate a file holding the details of each field and model and then save this file which has .MRP extension. To run the model on all the fields, open the .MRP file and choose run from the Run menu. Reports will be generated for each combination in turn.

To generate the .MRP file select Edit from the File menu:

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To add a new model/field selection click on the Add button. An empty row will appear in the dialogue. Select the farm, field, crop and model in the four boxes provided. Use the down arrow to select from the appropriate list.

To delete a model/field selection, click anywhere on the row and then click on the Delete button. The selected row will disappear.

Click OK to retain changes and Cancel to discard them.

The .MRP file can be renamed by opening the file again after pressing OK and using File/Save As to store it under a sensible name.