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Algorithms for MORPH crop disease models

The MORPH software is very old and as newer versions of WINDOWS appear it is becoming harder to sustain.

The aim of a recent AHDB project was to extract the algorithms for 6 of the disease forecasting models in MORPH so that these would be available to others for development into new formats.

The algorithms were extracted for the following models:
  • Alternaria (Dark leaf spot - Alternaria brassicae)
  • BOTIPI (Botrytis squamosa)
  • Milioncast (Downy Mildew – Peronospora destructor)
  • Ringspot (Mycosphaerella brassicicola)
  • White Blister (Albugo candida)
  • White Blister 2 (Albugo Candida)

The algorithms are summarised in this AHDB report.

Downy mildew sporulation
White blister
White blister
Downy mildew
Downy mildew