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Resources for Crop Improvement

Our facilities include:

  • Containment glasshouses
  • Over 6 hectares available annually for field vegetable and associated trials work
  • Tissue culture facilities (sterile flow hoods and growth rooms)
  • Genetic Resources Unit
  • Hydroponic facilities (nutrient film technique)
  • Vernalisation chamber
  • Root and seed cleaning facilities
  • Soil grinding and plant milling facilities
  • Drying oven
  • Rhizotrons (for examining roots in situ)
  • Thermogradient tunnels providing large areas with 4oC differential from one end to the other, ideal for investigating crop response to increased temperature associatd with climate change

If you are interested in accessing our facilities please contact Sally dot Mann at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research expertise:

Graham Teakle Graham Teakle - brassica genetics and genomics.
Jose Gutierrez-Marcos  Jose Gutierrez-Marcos - epigenetic control of plant development.
Steve Jackson Steve Jackson - control of flowering.
Brian Thomas Brian Thomas - mechanisms by which plants interact with the environment.
Peter Walley Peter Walley - breeding new crop genotypes for enhanced post harvest quality.
  Andrea Massiah - environmental and genetic control of flowering and development in plants.

Find out about our Crop Improvement Research

If you are interested in working with us please contact Graham dot Teakle at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tissue culture
Tissue culture facilities
Containment glasshouses
Field plots
Extensive field area for trial plots

Find out about our Crop Improvement Research