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Research Placements in Entomology and Plant Pathology

The placements will last for 10 weeks during the summer vacation 2016 and are for second year undergraduate students.

Each student will be placed with a research group in the School of Life Sciences and work as part of the group, undertaking a small research project related to the group’s activities. You will learn about the research undertaken, and techniques used.

Research areas to be included are:

  • General skills in entomology and plant pathology such as culturing pests and pathogens
  • Methods used to identify pests and pathogens
  • Analytical techniques
  • Experimental design and execution of experiments in controlled environments and the field
  • Data collection, summary and analysis
  • Presentation of data in reports.

Additional specific training will include:

  1. Full day workshop on crop diversity, genetics, genomics and associated research skills with a visit to the UK Vegetable Gene Bank;
  2. Half-day workshop on ‘omics’ approaches relevant to pest and disease research;
  3. Half-day workshop led by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) based nearby at Stoneleigh. This will consider how research programmes are developed and managed, the different ways that research is funded, translation of science for industry application, the key skills that researchers require to undertake research that leads to innovative and improved crop protection approaches and technologies;
  4. Two visits to businesses who contribute to the commissioning of research and who use the outputs of research funded by AHDB and others;
  5. Half-day workshop on careers in research in insect biology and plant pathology.

Each student will receive a bursary of £2,000 (£200 per week)

To apply please submit a CV together with a personal statement by Monday 18th April, outlining why you wish to apply for one of these placements to

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