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MAS CDT student Mary Thomas wins best student talk prize at BMSS

Congratulations to Mary J. Thomas, who is a MAS CDT student, for winning the Barber Prize for best student talk at the 39th annual meeting of the British Mass Spectrometry Society in Cambridge. Based upon collaborative research with the British Geological Survey, Mary presented her talk entitled “Petroleomic Depth Profiling of Contaminated Staten Island Soil by GC and FT-ICR MS.” Using Rock-Eval 6 data and ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry, complex compositional depth profiles were developed for environmental monitoring and to provide insight into the site’s history of contamination.

Thu 08 Nov 2018, 16:57 | Tags: Prizes

MAS CDT Student Emily Holt wins prestigious prize at Australian Conference

MAS CDT Student Emily Holt has won a prestigious prize at the 50th annual conference of the Australian Society for Cosmetic Chemists in Canberra. Emily who is only in the first year of her PhD in Analytical Science is studying "Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy for Suncare Applications". Emily presented a 30 minute talk on her paper and was pleasantly surprised to later find she had won the Lester Conrad Award for best paper presented at the conference.

Thu 21 Jun 2018, 18:26 | Tags: Prizes

MAS CDT Annual conference poster prizes awarded

Congratulations to the winners of the MAS CDT Poster and presentation prizes awarded last month at the conference in the Peak District

MSc Poster prize second place - Veronica Foisor

MSc Poster prize first place - Behzad Abedi

PhD Poster prize second place - Remy Gavard

PhD Poster prize first place - Ruben Tomas

Wed 20 Jun 2018, 12:58 | Tags: CDT Conference, Prizes