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Events and Research Visits

Stochastic Analysis, Random Fields and Integrable Probability, Kyushu University, August 2019

49th Probability Summer School, Saint Flour, France, July 2019

Random Structures: from the Discrete to the Continuous, LMS Research School, University of Bath, July 2019

Walking Through the Brownian Zoo, Paris, June 2019

Cergy-Warwick Annual Meeting in Mathematical Physics, University of Warwick, May 2019

UK Joint CDT Colloquium, University of Warwick, April 2019

Stochastic Processes and Related Topics, Kansai University, February 2019

Global Math Meeting, Kyoto University, February 2019

Visit to Kyoto University, January-March 2019, partially supported by LMS

48th Probability Summer School, Saint Flour, France, July 2018

21st Takagi Lectures, RIMS, Kyoto University, June 2018

Visit to Kyoto University, May-June 2018, supported by GBSF

UK Joint CDT Colloquium, University of Oxford, April 2018

UK Easter Probability Meeting, University of Sheffield, April 2018

Probabilistic Approaches in Mathematical Physics, Summer School, Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, July 2017

Recent Progress on the Geometry of Random Walks (Peter Whittle Colloquium), University of Cambridge, May 2017