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Christian Scharrer


I'm interested in geometric variational problems with motivations coming from physics and biology as well as in curvature based inequalities that arise in the context of such problems. More precisely, I've been working on the following topics

  • Constant mean curvature surfaces of revolution
  • Willmore energy under fixed isoperimetric ratio
  • Bending energies associated to biological cell membranes
  • Diameter bounds for solutions of Plateau's problem
  • Geometric inequalities in varifold geometry

Publications, Preprints & Theses

[6] Christian Scharrer. Some geometric inequalities for varifolds on Riemannian manifolds based on monotonicity identities. Ann. Global Anal. Geom. (to appear) arXiv

[5] Christian Scharrer. Embedded Delaunay tori and their Willmore energy. arXiv

[4] Andrea Mondino and Christian Scharrer. A strict inequality for the minimisation of the Willmore functional under isoperimetric constraint. Adv. Calc. Var. (2021) doi 

[3] Andrea Mondino and Christian Scharrer. Existence and Regularity of Spheres Minimising the Canham-Helfrich Energy. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. (2020) doi

[2] Ulrich Menne and Christian Scharrer. A novel type of Sobolev-Poincaré inequality for submanifolds of Euclidean space. arXiv

[1] Ulrich Menne and Christian Scharrer. An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces. Kodai Math. J. (2018) [doi | arXiv]

[0] Christian Scharrer. Relating diameter and mean curvature for varifolds. MSc thesis supervised by Ulrich Menne, University of Potsdam, 2016. urn

Teaching Assistance

  • MA3G1 Theory of Partial Differential Equations (2020)
  • MA3G7 Functional Analysis I (2019)
  • MA250 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (2018/2019)
  • MA259 Multivariable Calculus (2018)


2021 - 2022 Postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn (Germany).

2017 - 2021 MASDOC student at the University of Warwick heading for a PhD under the supervision of Andrea Mondino.

2016 - 2017 Research at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Potsdam-Golm, Germany) under the supervision of Ulrich Menne.

2016 MSc in mathematics at the University of Potsdam (Germany).

Email: Scharrer at mpim-bonn dot mpg dot de

Office: B3.04, Zeeman Building

Links: google scholar | mathscinet