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We recommend our applicants to sit one of these papers:

These are administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). The MAT paper is set by Oxford. The TMUA and STEP are set by CAAT.

Why does Warwick recommend them?

These tests help you develop problem solving skills needed for a Warwick Mathematics degree and, at the same time, deepen your understanding of the A-Level material. They are not as scary as you might think! Try a past paper from one of the links below, and have fun.

Which paper do I need to sit?

We leave this up to you and your school. Students who take MAT or TMUA in November and do well are likely to receive a lower offer from us. Other students are likely to receive our standard offer.

Where and when?
MAT and TMUA are in early November, and STEP is usually in late June. Please consult the above links for the precise dates and details of how to register, and also speak to your school. Applicants from outside the UK (or their schools) may also be able to get this advice from their local office of the British Council (click on 'Contact', then 'Find office' after selecting your country).

What grade are we looking for in the MAT?
The MAT does not have a grading system and the average mark fluctuates from year to year. This prevents us from specifying before-hand what we expect in terms of performance in the MAT. If you are worried about that please consider sitting the TMUA instead. Students doing well in the MAT are likely to receive our reduced offer (A* Maths, A* Further Maths, A). Students doing less well are likely to receive our standard offer.

Feedback on the MAT
If you are a Warwick applicant sitting the MAT and you would like to know your mark you can obtain this by emailing after the 31 March (please do not contact us before this date as we will be still busy processing offers). To help us find your mark please let us know in your email your full name, date of birth and UCAS number.

What grade are we looking for in the TMUA?
For the 2018 entry we expect to make a reduced offer (A* Maths, A* Futher Maths, A) to most applicants who have a grade of 6.5 (out of 9.0) or higher. Students with a grade of less than 6.5 are likely to receive our standard offer.

Which STEP papers do we accept?
There are three STEP papers. If STEP is part of the offer you receive from us then we are happy to accept any of the three STEP papers and you may attempt whichever one you like.

Specifications and past papers

How should I prepare?

Don't worry if your school does not provide help with preparation for these tests. There are plenty of resources to help you prepare:

STEP Course for Warwick Offer Holders

The Advanced Maths Centre at Warwick provides a set of targeted online resources to students and a two-day course to help students prepare for STEP. Students who have applied to study mathematics at Warwick for whom STEP forms a part of their offer of a university place should complete a form in order to be able to access these online resources or attend the two-day STEP course. Details of how to access to the form will be sent directly to students with their offer.