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Warwick Mathematics Institute's Priorities

Scholarship support for PhD and MSc students.

To sustain Warwick as a centre of international excellence in mathematical research it is crucial that we can make the Institute the destination of choice for the very best research students from the UK and internationally. Some students can only come if there is full support for tuition and living expenses. For others, a small scholarship would make the crucial difference.

Renewal and refurbishment of the MRC "Maths houses".

The Mathematics Research Centre (MRC) is the part of the Institute that organises research workshops and symposia, and which has hosted visiting academics from around the world since the time the Institute was founded. An initial grant from the Nuffield Foundation in 1969 was used to build 5 Maths houses and 2 flats on the Gibbet Hill site that have been in use continuously since then. The houses are of architectural importance, and some of the greatest mathematicians of the last 40 years have stayed in them for shorter or longer periods. The houses now are in serious need of refurbishment.

Mathematical Sciences Graduate School and Research Centre.

WMI has developed rapidly over the last 10 years and now cooperates with many other Departments in the University to run world-leading interdisciplinary research centres and graduate training programmes. These include the new Warwick Systems Biology Centre, a new Complexity Science centre, and a Centre for Scientific Computing. To maximise the benefit of these developments and to create new opportunities WMI seeks funding to create an integrated centre for all the Mathematical Sciences, including a proportion of the running costs and a part of the new extension to our building. We also seek an endowment for new opportunities funding, and funding for a small number of visiting postdoctoral research fellowships.

Undergraduate scholarships.

Encouraging all highly talented students, with the ability to best benefit from the education which Warwick has to offer, lies at the heart of Warwick's mission. WMI wants to ensure that it reaches all students with outstanding mathematical ability and therefore offers scholarships under the Scholarships at Warwick programme. Donations to this programme can be specifically directed to undergraduate mathematicians.

If you would like to support the Warwick Mathematics Institute's priorities, please contact Jon Stevens in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.