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Web Sign On

Many areas of the Warwick web require the user to be logged in, either for viewing or editing. In Mathematics this is true for viewing MathStuff or the Intranet, or to edit personal or seminar pages. In the case of the Intranet or MathStuff whose pages are restricted, you will be prompted for a usercode and password as soon as you attempt to view a page. You sign in with the same usercode and password as you use for accessing the Exchange email service or the Linux system (see right). Sign in dialog
If a page is public and you have edit permissions but you are not yet logged in, you will not be able to see any Edit link. You can bring up a sign-on dialog by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ link in the top right corner of the browser window (see right). Sign in
Once logged in, an ‘Edit’ link should appear next to the ‘Sign out’ link. Signed in