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Induction Events

If you are new to Warwick you may find this link to a plan of the Maths building useful to find your way to the Induction events for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Building plan

Induction events are scheduled to take place on Friday 27 September 2019. Induction schedule:

Please note: the induction schedule is provisional. Please check for further updates.

Friday 27th September Room B3.02

10:45-11:15 Registration. Coffee and tea provided in Maths Common room

11:15 Welcome by Philip Herbert and Anna Skorobogatova

11:20-11:35 Talks by current students

11:35-11:50 Breakout session for an informal chat

11:50-12:00 Library and PG Hub session

12:00-12:05 Introduction PG Seminar

12:10-12:15 Introduction to Maths SGSLC

12:15-12:30 Students’ Union session

12:30-1:15 Lunch, Maths Common Room

1:20-1:55 Introductory talks

  • B3.02 Prof. Jose Rodrigo, Director of Graduate Studies on CDT in Mathematics
  • B3.01 Prof. Daniel Ueltschi, Director of MSc Studies in Mathematics
  • B1.01 Prof. Roman Kotecky, Director of MASt Studies in Mathematics

All students return to B3.02

2:00-2:10 Health and Wellbeing session

2:10-2:25 Careers advice for postgraduate students session

Mandatory ITS Induction Session in A0.02 

2:30-2:45 ITS Induction Session (A further session is available Thursday 3rd October in A0.02 at 12:30 for those unable to attend the first session)

2:45-3:30 Treasure Hunt event

3:30-4:00 Drinks and Cakes in the Common room

4:00-5:00 (PhD only) Transferable Skills & Computing Session