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MA3G6 Commutative Algebra

MA3G6 Commutative Algebra Lecture notes

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  1. The undergraduate office is happy to print and duplicate complete sets of lecture notes for the course, which would be on sale next week at £1 each. Since I will not be teaching the course next year and the next lecturer will want to do their own thing they don't want a lot of copies left over, so could you reply by Monday if you would almost certainly buy a copy? Then they will know how many to print, and the printing usually only takes 24 hours so theywouldbe availble by the end of term. I'll send this as an email as well, and you can "vote" by replying to that; and I'm sure they'll print more than the exact number who do reply anyway. JEC
  2. Many of you have by now bought the pronted notes from the office. They still have more copies, so you can still get one even if you did not tell me in advance. (I gave the office the approximate number but not the names of those who replied!)

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