Several people have asked me whether Dedekind Domains are examinable, and I want to make sure that everyone has the same answer (since I was stopped in the corridor and asked this yesterday and think I was rather evasive). I told Michael when he gave the last lecture, which was on Dedekind Domains, that if asked he could say that the material of the last lecture was not examinable. I think I started DDs in the lecture before that, which it probably what is worrying you. Hence I would now like everyone to know that *There is nothing about Dedekind Domains in this year's exam.* I hope this is clearer than saying whether or not the are "examinable" since a cruel lecturer (not me!) might be very pedantic and say that something was examinable even though it was not in fact on this year's exam. Let's make this quite unambiguous: *There is nothing about Dedekind Domains in this year's Commutative Algebra exam!* Good luck on Thursday.