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MA3G6 Commutative Algebra

MA3G6 Commutative Algebra Revision class in Monday the 19th from 13:00-14:00 in MS.05

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  1. I have booked a room to do the revion class in, as stated in the title. Feel free to come and ask as many questions as you like, on anything from the lecture notes, problem sheets, past exams, etc...
  2. We got an email the other day saying that there would be a revision class on the 15th by Michael Selig. Is this in addition to that one, or instead of?
  3. Yeah Mike is doing one on the 15th and Ill do one on the 19th.
  4. Sorry if I caused confusion yesterday by the mass email (not via this forum) to make sure that everyone knew about the class on the 19th. There really are two! Michael and Chris will sort out between them what will be covered when. I cannot make another mass email since the university system which does those is down for maintenance today and tomorrow... JEC
  5. *Revision classes* Thursday 15 May 14.00-16.00 in MS.03 Monday 19 May 13.00-14.00 in MS.05

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