As some of you know or have guessed, I will be away all next week (week 10). Here's what will happen, remembering that I already gave an extra lecture in week 8: Tomorrow (12.00 Thursday week 9) lecture by me (on DVRs and Dedekind Domains). Tomorrow (13.00 Thursday week 9) support class on Sheet 4. Monday 16.00 week 10: lecture by Michael Selig (TA) on Dedekind Domains and examples. This is the last lecture. Tuesday 17.00 and Thursday 12.00 & 13.00 week 10: at least two support classes by Michael and/or Chris covering both Sheet 5 and any general things. So you will end up with 29 lectures total and a full complement of support classes. I hope this is clear. I'll announce the same in tomorrow's lecture, but if you know anyone taking this module who doesn't read the forum and will not be there tomorrow please pass the information on.