Thanks to all who fill in the questionnaires yesterday. Before I sent them* (all!)* off for processing I had a look at the additional comments some of you wrote so that I could respond before the end of term. There was some concern about non-availability of the text I have been following more closely (Atiyah & Macdonald), with only three library copies. I thought that it had gone out of print (though still available on Amazon at a rather high price) and that the lecture notes would be a good enough substitute, but for the future we should try to get more library copies. About the lecture notes, one person did ask right at the start of term whether they would be printed and bound and made available from the office, but I never had any follow-up on that so had assumed that you were all happy to have them only in electronic form. It may be possible even at this late stage to get the office to duplicate some copies -- I would have to ask, and there may be some minimal number. I do not expect to be teaching the module again next year so my notes may not be any use for next year, which makes that harder to arrange. But respond to this if you definitely would now buy a copy at the usual rate and we'll see.