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Benjamin Brown


I am a MASt in Mathematics student for the academic year 2017-2018, with interests in geometry (algebraic, differential, and symplectic), topology, and mathematical physics.


Useful links:

MA106 Linear Algebra webpage

MA133 Differential Equations webpage

MA136 Introduction to Abstract Algebra webpage

MA137 Mathematical Analysis webpage

MA138 Sets and Numbers webpage

Past Exam Papers website

Exam solutions website


Folded Hyperkähler Manifolds - my dissertation for my MMathsPhys in Mathematics and Physics, with Dr. Weiyi Zhang as my supervisor.

Geometry and Spin Transport in Skyrmion Magnets - my poster and slides for a talk I gave at the Conference for Astronomy and Physics Students in June 2017, hosted by UCL. The project itself originally started out as a URSS project at Warwick over the summer of 2016.

Geometry, Topology and Physics - the slides for a talk that I gave on behalf of the Warwick Mathematics Society.


benjamin dot brown at warwick dot ac dot uk