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Alice Cuzzucoli

I am a 4th year PhD student in Algebraic Geometry at University of Warwick under the supervision of Prof. Miles Reid.

My research is mainly focused on Birational Geometry, especially classification and constructions of surfaces via graded rings. Recently I have been working on the Birational Geometry of Orbifold Del Pezzo surfaces.

Together with Livia Campo I am the organiser of JAWS (Junior Algebraic geometry Warwick Seminar), a seminar for junior researchers in Algebraic Geometry and related fields held in our department.

I am local organiser of CALF (Junior COW), a seminar in Algebraic Geometry held across the UK.



I have been TA for the modules:



I have been part of the Pragmatic 2016 Research School in Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra "Abelian Varieties and Geometric Galois Theory". The resulting work (joint w/ Riccardo Moschetti and Maiko Serizawa) can be found here:

Non Uniform Projections of Surfaces in P^3


  • June 2017 - Imperial College London Junior Geometry Seminar - "Unprojections and Graded Rings"
  • December 2018 - University of Cambridge Junior Seminar - "Unprojections and Cascades in Classification of Projective Varieties"



Previously I earned my Bachelor and Master degrees at "La Sapenza" (University of Rome) and I have spent one year at University of Manchester with the Erasmus programme.


Office: Room B0.13 Zeeman Building

Mail: a.cuzzucoli (at)