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Dr John Haslegrave


John Haslegrave

Research Fellow

Office: B2.15
Phone: +44 (0)24 761 50903
Email: j dot haslegrave at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching responsibilities 2017–18
Term 1

CS260 Algorithms
Seminar group 1: Thursdays, 12:00, CS1.01.

Term 2

CS137 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 2


I am jointly organising the Warwick combinatorics seminar (Fridays, 14:00, MS.04), with Katherine Staden (term 1) and with Maryam Sharifzadeh (term 2).

I will be speaking at the Cambridge combinatorics seminar on Thursday 1st February 2018. Earlier this year I spoke at the QMUL combinatorics study group, the Birmingham-Warwick Combinatorics Meeting and Probability in the North East.


My main research interests are random graphs, preferential attachment, graph searching, and extremal problems on graphs and hypergraphs. I am currently working with Dr Agelos Georgakopoulos on the ERC project Random Graph Geometry and Convergence.

Submitted papers
  • A. Georgakopoulos & J. Haslegrave: Percolation on an infinitely generated group. arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: Proof of a local antimagic conjecture. arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave, R. A. B. Johnson & S. Koch: Locating a robber with multiple probes, Discrete Mathematics 341 (2018). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave & M. Puljiz: Reaching consensus on a connected graph, Journal of Applied Probability 54:1 (2017). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave & C. Cannings: Majority dynamics with one nonconformist, Discrete Applied Mathematics 219 (2017). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave, R. A. B. Johnson & S. Koch: Subdivisions in the robber-locating game, Discrete Mathematics 339:11 (2016). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave & J. Jordan: Preferential attachment with choice, Random Structures and Algorithms 48:4 (2016). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave, R. A. B. Johnson & S. Koch: The robber-locating game, Discrete Mathematics 339:1 (2016). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: Bounds on Herman's algorithm, Theoretical Computer Science 550 (2014). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: Judicious partitions of uniform hypergraphs, Combinatorica 34:5 (2014). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: Extremal results on average subtree density of series-reduced trees, Journal of Combinatorial Theory series B 107 (2014). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: An evasion game on a graph, Discrete Mathematics 314 (2014). journal arXiv
  • J. Haslegrave: The Bollob├ís–Thomason conjecture for 3-uniform hypergraphs, Combinatorica 32:4 (2012). journal arXiv

A BibTeX file for all the papers listed above is available here.