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Open access publication on risks to UK travellers of acquiring malaria abroad

Whilst the vast majority of UK travellers to malarial endemic areas (~6 million visits per year) do not contract malaria, there are approximately 2,000 cases of malaria each year in the UK. In this analysis of risks to UK travellers both those travelling for business and those visiting friends and relatives are shown to be at increased risk of acquiring malaria, even after accounting for their very different durations of stay and malaria risk in the areas which they visit, suggesting that prevention messages should be further targeted at these groups.

Mon 04 August 2014, 18:41 | Tags: Publication

Soapbox Science - public science event on the South Bank in London

Standing on a soapbox on the South Bank to tell passing Londoners about the role of maths in controlling infectious diseases.

Mon 04 August 2014, 18:19 | Tags: Outreach

Open access publication finds treatment levels and frequency need to be higher to cut transmission of soil-transmitted helminths

Deirdre Hollingsworth, together with colleagues from Imperial College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has published an analysis of the dynamics of soil-transmitted helminths which suggests that much higher levels of coverage will required for many years to eliminate the transmission of these infections.

Tue 10 June 2014, 13:28 | Tags: Publication

Isaac Newton Institute - Follow-up meeting on Infectious Disease Dynamics

Deirdre Hollingsworth was invited to join the follow-up meeting on Infectious Disease Dynamics at the Isaac Newton Institute.

Over the next few months the attendees at these meetings will be publishing a series of papers on "challenges" in infectious disease dynamics for young researchers in the field. The first of these has just been published.

Tue 10 June 2014, 13:26 | Tags: Conference presentation

Open access publication in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society on control of soil-transmitted helminths

As part of a special issue on health after 2015 in the 'world's first scientific journal', Deirdre Hollingsworth, together with colleagues from Imperial College London, has published a paper on the long-term control of intestinal worms which are transmitted in areas with poor hygiene.

Tue 10 June 2014, 13:22 | Tags: Publication

Publication in Science on the population-level evolution of HIV

Deirdre Hollingsworth, along with collaborators from Imperial, Zurich and Montpellier, has just published a review of HIV infection from an evolutionary perspective.

Fraser, Lythgoe, Leventhal, Shirreff, Hollingsworth, Alizon and Bonhoeffer (2013) Virulence and Pathogenesis of HIV-1 Infection: An Evolutionary Perspective. Science 343 6177.

Tue 10 June 2014, 13:18 | Tags: Publication

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