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Dr Hugo van den Berg


Picture of Hugo van den  Berg  

Hugo van den Berg

Assistant Professor (Reader)

Based in MOAC DTC / Systems Biology

Office: Senate House 324
Phone: +44 (0)24 7655 0253
Email: H dot A dot van-den-Berg at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2019/20:

Research Interests:
Mathematical biology

Selected recent publications:

Sheldon, Rachel E., Baghdadi, Marc, McCloskey, Conor, Blanks, Andrew M., Shmygol, Anatoly and van den Berg, Hugo A.. (2013) Spatial heterogeneity enhances and modulates excitability in a mathematical model of the myometrium. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, Volume 10 (Number 86). p. 20130458.

Ekeruche-Makinde, J., Miles, J. J., van den Berg, H. A., Skowera, A., Cole, D. K., Dolton, G., Schauenburg, A. J. A., Tan, M. P., Pentier, J. M., Llewellyn-Lacey, S. et al. (2013) Peptide length determines the outcome of TCR/peptide-MHCI engagement. Blood, Volume 121 (Number 7). pp. 1112-1123.

Wooldridge, L., Ekeruche-Makinde, J., van den Berg, H. A., Skowera, A., Miles, J. J., Tan, M. P., Dolton, G., Clement, M., Llewellyn-Lacey, S., Price, D. A., Peakman, M. and Sewell, A. K.. (2012) A single autoimmune T cell receptor recognizes more than a million different peptides. Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol.287 (No.2). pp. 1168-1177.

Stirk, Emily R., Lythe, Grant, Berg, Hugo van den, 1968-, Hurst, Gareth A. D. and Molina-Paris, Carmen. (2010) The limiting conditional probability distribution in a stochastic model of T cell repertoire maintenance. Mathematical Biosciences, Vol.224 (No.2). pp. 74-86.

Wooldridge L., Lissina Anna., Cole D. K., van den Berg H. A., Price, D. A., Sewell, A. K. Tricks with tetramers: how to get the most from multimeric peptide-MHC Immunology 126 (2009) 147-164

van den Berg H.A., Rand, D.A. Quantitive theories of T-Cell responsiveness. Immunological Reviews 216 (2006) 81-92
Laugel B., Sewell A.K., van den Berg, H. A., Wooldridge, L. Coreceptor CD8-driven modulation of T cell antigen receptor specificity. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 249 (2007) 395 - 408

Research grants:
Royal Society, Study visit for Dr Y Kiselev (1.9.2001 - 1.10.2001)

For more information and further publications please see Hugo van den Berg's homepage or his Expertise profile