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Natalia Jurga

I have completed my PhD and am now a postdoc at the University of Surrey. Here is my new website:

About me:fullsizerender.jpg

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems research group (expected completion April 2018). I am supervised by Professor Mark Pollicott. Before coming to Warwick I did my undergraduate (MSci) in mathematics at the University of Bristol. My Masters project was on the dimension theory of self-affine sets.


My research interests lie in the interplay between dynamical systems, ergodic theory, fractal geometry and thermodynamic formalism. I am particularly interested in problems relating to dimension theory of invariant measures and iterated function systems.

Publications and preprints:

T. Jordan and N. Jurga. Self affine sets with non-compactly supported random perturbations.
Ann. Acad. Sci. Fen. Math. Vol 39, 2014, 771-785.
J. Fraser, T. Jordan and N. Jurga. Dimensions of equilibrium measures on a class of planar
self-affine sets. Preprint (
Dimension of Bernoulli measures for some non-linear countable Markov maps. In preparation.


I am a TA for Analysis 1 (2014- current) and Fractal Geometry (2015- current). I also occasionally work as a maths tutor at Villiers Park Educational Centre. This involves planning and running a 5 day residential maths course for A Level students, as part of the Inspiring Excellence programme.

CV:   curriculum_vitae.pdf