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Here is an (incomplete) list of study groups which I have been helped organise or given talks at:

2021/22 Term 1:

The Bloch-Kato Conjecture (Warwick Maths Postgrad Seminar)
Modular forms on the Bruhat-Tits tree (Warwick Number Theory Group)

2020/21 Term 3:

June: Complex Multiplication for Shimura Varieties (Warwick Number Theory Group)

2020/21 Term 2:

February: Bloch-Kato Selmer Groups (London Number Theory Study Group)

March: Brill-Noether Theory (Reading group on Mukai's classification of Fano 3-folds)

2020/21 Term 2: Modular Forms & Modular Curves

Following Diamond/Shurman (D/S) and Milne's notes


Date Title Speaker References Notes
22/1 Introduction (Modular forms) Elvira Serre (A Course in Arithmetic ch 7) Week 1 - Introduction to Modular Forms
29/1 Modular curves over C Ben

Milne ch2, Diamond/Shurman ch 2-3

Week 2 - Modular Forms and Geometry 
5/2 Elliptic curves over C and lattices Diana Milne ch 3-4 Week 3 - Elliptic Functions
12/2 Hecke operators Xenia Milne ch 5, D/S ch 5.1-5.5 Week 4 - Hecke Operators
19/2 Eigenforms and L-functions Barna Milne ch 5, D/S ch 5.6-5.11  
26/2 Rational models of modular curves Steven Milne ch 8, D/S ch 7 Week 6 - Canonical Model of X_0(N)
5/3 Modular curves as moduli spaces Phillipe Milne ch 8, D/S ch 1.5 + more Week 7 - Moduli Spaces
12/3 Reduction mod p Horatio D/S ch 8.1-8.4 Week 8 - Reduction mod p
19/3 Eichler-Shimura relation Muhammad D/S ch 8.5-8.8, Milne ch 10 Week 9 - Eichler-Shimura Relations
26/3 Bonus talk: Modularity Chris W  

Week 10 - Modularity

2020/21 Term 1:

August: Hilbert Modular Forms (Informal Göttingen Number Theory seminar)
Notes -

November: Local Class Field Theory - Cohomology (Warwick Number Theory Group)