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Analysis I

(For non-maths students)

Autumn Term, 2012-2013 Academic Year

Timetable: Tue 17:00-19:00 (L3), Thu 16:00-17:00 (MS.02)

Distribution of credit:

-Weekly assignments: 7.5%
-January exam: 25%

Lecture Notes

Chapter 1 Inequalities

Chapter 2 Sequences I

Chapter 3 Sequences II

Chapter 4 Sequences III

Chapter 5 Completeness I

Chapter 6 Completeness II

Chapter 7 Series I

Chapter 8 Series II

Chapter 9 Series III

Chapter 10 Series IV


Assignment 1 (Due on Monday, October the 8th, at 15:00)

Assignment 2 (Due on Monday, October the 15th, at 15:00)

Assignment 3 (Due on Monday, October the 22nd, at 15:00)

Assignment 4 (Due on Monday, October the 29th, at 15:00)

Assignment 5 (Due on Monday, November the 5th, at 15:00)

Assignment 6 (Due on Monday, November the 12th, at 15:00)

Assignment 7 (Due on Monday, November the 19th, at 15:00)

Assignment 8 (Due on Monday, November the 26th, at 15:00)

Assignment 9 (Due on Monday, December the 3rd, at 15:00)

Analysis Books:

  1. Whittaker, Watson, A course of modern analysis
  2. Zorich, Mathematical analysis I
  3. Gaughan, Introduction to analysis
  4. Hairer, Wanner, Analysis by its history