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Dr Bazil Sansom

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Bazil Sansom

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Find me in my office: B2.28
Email me: Bazil dot Sansom at warwick dot ac dot uk

Find me on LinkedIn: here

I am an applied economist with research interests primarily in macroeconomics, housing markets and topics in macro-finance. One of my main research interests is to understand economic fluctuations including business cycle dynamics and financial market volatility and crises. I employ a range of methods from complex networks, dynamical systems theory and signal processing, with a strong empirical emphasis.

Areas of research where I am currently active include

  • Production networks - structure and dynamical phenomena
  • Financial networks with an emphasis on liquidity and clearing
  • Housing market instability
  • International business cycle dynamics
  • Firms in macroeconomic dynamics
  • Sectoral and regional aspects of aggregate fluctuations

Do get in touch, I would be glad to engage over any of these topics. The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail, or feel free to knock on my door!



  • Honoured to have been invited to present some of my work on U.S. housing instability for Bank of England macroeconomics seminar the 8th of October - looking forward to the opportunity to engage with analysts at the Bank.
  • Very honoured to have been awarded joint first prize for the first Peter Sinclair Prize for the best paper at the MMF PhD Conference this year where I presented an empirical paper on U.S. housing cycles (here's a 2 minute video summary of work presented). This prize has been set up in memory of Peter Sinclair, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham and MMF Vice President, who tragically died earlier this year of COVID-19. The prize was awarded jointly with Gustavo Mellior (University of Kent - University of Oxford) - you can find his paper here.
  • Pleased to have opportunity to present some work on U.S. housing market instability for upcoming MMF/BoE 2020 PhD conference (11th Aug), and look forward to other contributions.
  • We recently finished a paper introducing a method for analysing the flow structure and directionality of a network: How directed is a directed network? (currently out as Rebuilding Macro working paper, and on arXiv). We anticipate a wide range of applications and would love to hear from you with comments, questions or interest in specific applications!
  • We are organising the following event: Large-Scale Production Networks 27th Jan. It promises to be a very interesting day, do come! Do get in touch if you can't attend but are interested to engage over themes covered by the symposium.
  • I'm pleased to be presenting work on housing market instability from complex network perspective at NetSci 2020 Tokyo 24th Jan. Get in touch if you'd like to connect there.