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Dr Bazil Sansom

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Bazil Sansom

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Find me in my office: B2.28
Email me: Bazil dot Sansom at warwick dot ac dot uk

Find me on LinkedIn: here

I am an applied economist with research interests primarily in macroeconomics, housing markets and topics in macro-finance. One of my main research interests is to understand economic fluctuations including business cycle dynamics and financial market volatility and crises. I employ a range of methods from complex networks, dynamical systems theory and signal processing, with a strong empirical emphasis.

Areas of research where I am currently active include

  • Production networks - structure and dynamical phenomena
  • Financial networks with an emphasis on liquidity and clearing
  • Housing market instability
  • International business cycle dynamics
  • Firms in macroeconomic dynamics
  • Sectoral and regional aspects of aggregate fluctuations

Do get in touch, I would be glad to engage over any of these topics. The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail, or feel free to knock on my door!

Current research students and teaching

PhD Students supervised/co-supervised