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Survey on desk requirements for 2020/2021

We are currently looking at study space within the department for PhD students. Working at home is encouraged but if you need or want to come and work within the department then we are endeavouring to make this possible. To help us plan, please complete the below survey.


Please provide any relevant information here if there are other PhD students within the department that you are already in a bubble / extended bubble with (for example if you share transportation into campus/share accommodation with other students from the cohort)

Please choose one of the following options to best describe your current situation

Current situation
Current situation

We are trying to gain an understanding of which students may have a home environment that makes it difficult for them to work from home. This could be because of challenges with balancing childcare/caring commitments, inadequate broadband in your area, or a large household with multiple people that makes it difficult to focus. If you are in a situation that makes it difficult for you to work from home, please let us know by selecting the box below. Where possible, we will endeavour to provide you with more regular access to office space if we can, although nothing can be guaranteed.

Working from home
Working from home

If there is anything else that you would like to tell us in the context of space planning for Autumn 2020, please do so here:

Next year, the department will run some small group face-to-face teaching activities, including supervisions, alongside the online provision. Measures are being put in place to ensure social distancing and the safety of all those involved. We would like to take this opportunity to gauge the level of interest amongst PGR students in running these face-to-face activities. Guidance and support will be given to those who are running such sessions, regardless of whether or not they are face-to-face or online.

At this point we are only trying to understand who would consider engaging with face-to-face supervisions, so please note that an affirmative answer to these questions does not guarantee that a contract will be offered.

If you have no interest in teaching next year, please leave this question unanswered. 


Privacy statement

Privacy Statement - The data on this form relates to your submission of information. The data of your submission, your identity and the information you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering for desk allocation.

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