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Warwick Mathematics Institute Events

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10/03/2020 4 B3.03 Nima Rasekh EPFL Algebraic Topology Shadows are bicategorical traces
04/10/2021 3pm B3.02 Lennart Gehrmann Duisburg-Essen Number Theory Plectic Stark-Heegner Points
19/10/2021 14:00 B3.02 Nicolo Paviato University of Warwick Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems seminar Rates of convergence for a functional CLT
20/10/2021 2pm B3.02 Henry Towsner Pennsylvania Combinatorics seminar Regularity Lemmas as Structured Decompositions
22/10/2021 4pm B3.02 Antonio Lerario SISSA Colloquium Probabilistic algebraic geometry
26/10/2021 16.00 B3.02 Melanie Rupflin Oxford Analysis seminar Lojasiewicz inequalities for the harmonic map energy near simple bubble trees