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Lecture Theatre Locations

Many lecture room numbers are of the form letter + digits, e.g. H 051. The letter indicates the building and the first digit the floor, with 0 standing for the ground floor, so that H 051 is on the ground floor of Humanities (which is 24 on the map). There are some exceptions to this rule detailed below the map.

Central Capus Map

Prefix Building Map

A Social Studies 52
AC Arts Centre 58
B Chemistry 11
F Engineering 17
G Gibbet Hill 34
H Humanities 24
L Science Concourse X
LIB Library Y
MS Maths & Stats 35
P Physics 42
R Ramphal 45
S Social Studies 52

LIB 1 is on the ground floor and LIB 2 on the first floor at the Library bridge level.
PLT is on the continuation of the Science Concourse towards Physics on the same level as the Library bridge.
GLT 1, GLT 2, GLT 3 are at Gibbet Hill with the entrance to GLT 1 on the second level via the atrium.

See also the interactive campus map.