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Incoming Mathematics Students Induction

Congratulations on obtaining a place at the Mathematics Department here at the University of Warwick! We look forward to welcoming you in September. In the meantime the pages contained here will help you understand what you should be doing before you arrive, and what you will need to do during your first weeks here. During Welcome Week, the first session will be on Wednesday 25th September, at 10am, in the Zeeman Building, MS02. Please try to arrive early so we can start promptly.

Induction Session Week 1

You do not need to register for any modules yet; you can prepare by looking at the available options if you'd like, but you can wait until you arrive before registering, and registrations are not binding initially. The first induction meeting will explain how to choose your modules.

Before you arrive you may want to do some reading to get you up and running.

There will be a further induction session on Friday of the first week once you have all settled in a bit.

Welcome Letter 2019

Please note that these pages are for those students about to start on the Maths BSc., MMath, Maths and Business or Maths and Economics degrees. Although some of the information contained may be useful to other students, much of it is specific to how Mathematics students can find help. MORSE and Maths/Stats should go to the Stats department website, Maths/Physics to Physics, Discrete Maths to Computer Science and Maths/Philosophy to Philosophy.

Your First Weeks

Maths Building

Schedule for Welcome Week and Week 1

This calendar's schedule is empty.

One of the biggest differences that students find in coming from school to University is that you will quickly have to learn to organise your time and be responsible for your own learning. Although there is help out there through your Personal Tutor and Supervisor, there will not be a teacher making sure you are doing enough work!

Useful Links:

Due to the grades we ask for, many of you will never have struggled with mathematics... be prepared to start doing so almost straight away, we don't want you to be sitting in your comfort zone for long! The degree is challenging, but we have every confidence that you can all rise to that challenge!

Where to ask questions or find answers before arriving?

University Welcome Pages

Who does what?
Undergraduate Office
General enquiries.

Personal Tutor
Your personal tutor is your first port of call for problems.

Your "Supervisor" will help you with your weekly assignments.

Taught Programme Manager
Fiona Linton

Senior Tutor
Prof. Richard Sharpe

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. David Wood

Head of Department
Prof. John Greenlees

Deputy Head of Department
Prof. Gavin Brown

Director of Student Experience
Dr. Siri Chongchitnan