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Module Choice Term 1

Detailed descriptions on module choices and regulations can be found in the Online Handbook. Descriptions of the options available to you can be found from links on the right hand side of these pages. This page is intended to be a quick guide to get you started in the first week.


Each module has a CAT weighting, for first years most 10 week modules will be 12 CATS, and 5 week modules 6 CATS. The normal load is 120 CATS, and maximum number of CATS you can take is 150. You must do at least the normal load of 120 CATS, if you do more than that then you get some extra credit for tackling a heavier workload. Most first years will do around 132 CATS, or on average take on an extra module over the normal load, if you are thinking of taking any more than that you should discuss it with your Personal Tutor. This flexibility in module choice is one of the most attractive features of the degree but should be used with care.

In the first year you must take all the core modules (totalling 96 CATS) and then make up the rest with modules from List A (these are modules we recommend you take to keep your options most open) or List B (mainly options from other departments such as Physics, Economics, Stats) or you can take any other module as an "Unusual Option". Unusual Options need to be approved by the department, you fill in a form, collect signatures, and hand it in to the Undergraduate Office. You are not guaranteed to be allowed to take these, so get the form in early. The only exceptions are Languages that don't need a form to be filled in.

First Term Modules

In the first term, which is what you need to be concerned about now, the core modules are:

  • MA133 Differential Equations 12 CATS
  • MA131 Analysis 24 CATS (continues into Term 2)
  • MA132 Foundations 12 CATS
  • MA136 Abstract Algebra 6 CATS

(Maths Economics students also need to take EC107 Economics I 24 CATS, and those interested in perhaps transferring to Maths and Philosophy are recommended to take PH144 Mind and Reality 15 CATS)

    There are no List A modules in Term 1.

    Common List B modules include:

    • PX148 Classical Mechanics and Relativity 12 CATS
    • EC106 Introduction to Quantitative Economics 24 CATS (not Maths Economics students)
    • ST104 Statistical Laboratory I 12 CATS

    The first two letters of the module codes denote the department which is responsible for that module, so MA denotes the Maths Department, ST Statistics, PX Physics and so on.

    Trying Modules

    No one is taking a register at lectures, if a module looks like it might be interesting then attend the first few lectures and/or engage with the online material, if you don't like it then stop going, if you do like it then make sure you register for it on the Online Module Registration system. It is usual to spend the first couple of weeks of terms 1 and 2 doing too much and then settling down to something sensible.