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Quiz - Are you ready for the first week?

All the questions below you should be able to find out the answers for online (before you arrive) by reading the Induction pages and following the links, although you may need your University log in details before you can find out all of it (such as your timetable). Good luck!

It’s Wednesday of Welcome Week, I’ve had breakfast, and I’m ready to go….. where exactly?

Week 1 of term, my first lecture is on Tuesday morning… where is it?

I have a problem with my Supervisor (this is a postgraduate or fourth year student you will be assigned to whom you will meet twice a week to go through assessed material from the lectures). Who do I need to discuss this with first?

I took history for A-level and would like to continue studying some modules from the history department as part of my degree..

  • Undergraduate Office
  • Personal Tutor
  • Email Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Online handbook

It’s daytime and my University card won’t let me through a door into the maths department?

  • MA133 Differential Equations
  • PX148 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity
  • ST112 Probability B
  • LL117 German 1
  • Core
  • Unusual Option
  • List B
  • List A

Everything’s going horribly wrong! I’m falling behind on work and/or I am being affected by a serious medical or other problem.

I want to do 160 CATS of modules this year, can I?

It’s 10 minutes before the deadline for a weekly assignment and I haven’t finished it completely, what do I do?

There is an important deadline coming up, how will I be reminded about it?

Which of these things do I need to have done before the end of the first week?
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