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The Second Year Exam Board and Results

Note that if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical) that you have informed us about then these are taken into account in the decisions below. It is unusual to use such information to alter the carry forward average, but all notes on file are carried forward to the finals exam board in case the second year average would have an adverse effect on a final degree classification, and in serious cases the Board can make recommendations to the final exam board on how to treat the second year average. In particular exams missed with extenuating circumstances will still be marked as zero for the exam in the results. [Note: here "average" is taken to mean the adjusted average based on the best subset of module marks fulfilling regulations.]

GL11 Maths and Economics Students

Maths and Economics students are considered by the Economics department 2nd year exam board which is held after term has finished (usually the second week after term has finished). You will be able to access your results from My.Economics some time after that board has met, the Economics Department will contact you when they are available.

All other second year students in the Mathematics Department (G100, G103, G101, G106, G1NC)

In line with most other departments in the University, the Second Year Exam Board will be held after term has finished.

Results will be released centrally through Tabula (see separate page on Covid exam details for dates).

Over the summer break you should only obtain your results and module marks using the online methods described above. Once you have your marks, your tutor may be able to discuss them with you, but many tutors will not be available, or unable to reply to emails, over the summer. If you cannot contact your tutor please do not immediately contact other members of the department such as the Senior Tutor or Director of Undergraduate Studies. If you have an urgent query then contact the Undergraduate Office in the first instance, bearing in mind that they are not permitted to discuss marks with students. They will then be able to put you in touch with an appropriate member of staff if necessary.

Students who have failed the year and will be offered to resit, this year these will most likely take place in September (see below).

Decisions of the Exam Board

Unlike all other years, the second year exam board does not give each student a classification (although your tutor, when writing a reference for you, may still refer to a 61% as a 2i, for example). The Board only has to decide whether students "proceed to honours" or "fail". Individual circumstances and marks are taken into account when the Board makes decisions so the decision in your case may differ.

Honours: generally speaking, if your best average is over 40% and you have passed at least 60 CATS at the 40% level, then you are classed as proceed to honours, and continue on into the 3rd year of your degree. This is EVEN IF YOU HAVE FAILED SOME CORE MODULES. If you fail too many though you may still be asked to resit even if you have got over 40% with good marks in external modules. Note, the threshold is being raised to 90 CATS for students commencing their studies in 21/22.

Pass: The pass degree has now been abolished across the University (except as an exit qualification) but some students who have been struggling in the second year will be offered the chance to take Consolidation as an unusual option, for credit, (indeed, strongly recommended to) and will still be restricted from overcatting, this year such students will generally not be allowed to register for more than 135 CATS.

Resit: if you do not achieve results to place you in one of the above two categories then you have failed the year. This is not the end however! You have the option to "resit". This means that you can take resit exams in modules decided by the exam board, probably in September. If those resits are passed then you would be allowed to continue into a third year on an honours degree.

NOTE: Regulations do not allow you to appeal against these decisions, but if you have extenuating circumstances that the board were not aware of you should tell your tutor and submit any documentation as soon as possible to the Undergraduate Office together with an explanation of why you did not submit it earlier.

Staying on the MMath

In addition to the above, the second year board decides whether those students on the MMath can remain on it. Again, individual circumstances are taken into account in reaching the decision, this decision should be based on the following guidelines:

1/ If a student has over 65% on the best 90 CATS of maths modules (i.e. MA2xx modules) then they stay on the MMath.

2/ A student with less than 65% on the best 90 CATS of maths modules is not normally allowed to continue on the MMath. Such students are permitted to appeal this decision (to the Director of Undergraduate Studies) but such appeals will almost certainly fail (not trying hard enough this year and promising to work harder next year is NOT a valid basis for an appeal, for example). This should be done before the end of July.

3/ In any case, students around the 65% borderline are considered carefully by the Board on a case by case basis.

The thinking behind these guidelines is that if you are scoring less than 65% on your best maths modules then you would struggle on the four year degree (in particular MA4 modules) and are much better off on the three year degree where you can choose modules to maximise your final degree classification. The three year Warwick Maths BSc. is still a highly valued and much sought after qualification.

Note: 3rd year BSc students who were not/would not have been allowed to stay on the MMath are not permitted to take MA4 modules as an unusual option.


Exams are not remarked, and neither you, nor your Personal Tutor, are permitted to see any of your exam scripts. If you have zeros that you think you shouldn't have then you should contact the Undergraduate Office by email immediately. If you are merely disappointed with your marks then I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done. If you think there has been some procedural irregularity, please bring it to the attention of the UG office, but do not expect an instant response. The department's priority in the weeks immediately after term will be with finalists since any of their queries need to be sorted out as a matter of extreme urgency.