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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't see an answer to your question? Please email and we will endeavour to respond to your email as quickly as possible.

MA1K2 Refresher Module
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Modules and Changing Course
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I can’t get to the UK before the official start date, what do I need to do?

We are providing a more flexible approach to Term 1, please visit the guidance for new and returning students at the following link:


Can I do the year online?

No, we believe the best possible university experience for our students comes from excellent face-to-face engagement, which is supported by online learning as well as personal contact. Please visit the COVID-19 teaching and learning guidance pages for students to find out more information, including how you will be taught at the following link:


Will the Maths UG Office be open this term?

No, in line with Government guidance the Maths UG Office will be closed until face-to-face teaching in the department is allowed to resume. If you have a query, we do ask that you read through these FAQs carefully and refer to the information in the UG Handbook ( first to see if your query can be answered there, before emailing the Maths UG Office at

What are monitoring points?

The University requires all departments to monitor the attendance of students and report to the University regularly throughout the year those students whose attendance is a cause for concern. International students should be particularly aware of the consequences of missing monitoring points as the University is obligated to report to the UK Borders Agency if any student is found not to be engaging with and attending their degree course. For more information on monitoring points please go to:


When can I see the Taught Programmes Manager, Fiona Linton?

If you need to meet with Fiona, please email her directly at As Fiona is unable to meet you in a socially distanced manner in her office, she will get back to you and may suggest an MS Teams meeting/a meeting in a larger available room within the Zeeman building.


Can I buy lecture notes/when will lecture notes be available?

For 2020/21, lecture notes will not be sold in the Maths UG Office and will be available online only. The notes will be made available on Moodle once the module leader releases them. Analysis 1 workbooks will be made available to students to collect, but you will still need to submit your workbook answers electronically.


Do you have a lost property?

If you have found any lost property/have lost something, please come to the Maths UG Office (B0.01) as we have a lost property box.


Can I use or buy stationery?

During COVID-19, we are unable to provide department stationery. The majority of assignment submissions for 2020/21 will be online, but please staple, holepunch etc. paper at home before you hand it in. Please also ensure you bring in your own pens. The Maths UG Office doesn’t sell stationery to UG students. You can buy stationery from Cannon Park or Rootes.

It’s Wednesday, where is my banana?

Unfortunately, during COVID-19 the department is unable to run Banana Wednesday.

Can I use the ping pong table in The Street?

During COVID-19, the ping pong table is out of use.

When does the module start/end?

The module will run from 7th September 2020 until 2nd October 2020 (The exam and tests will be available for a few days after 2nd October but support for the module will stop on 2nd October, materials will be available to students for the foreseeable).


Where can I find the website?


Is the module core?

Yes, for all maths and joint maths first year undergraduates.


Is it assessed?

Yes, there will be two computer marked tests (25% each, pass mark 70%, can retake) and one self-marked exam (50%, cannot retake).


Will the mark count towards my degree?



Will the mark appear on my transcript?



When should I start?  

As soon as you are able. There are 16 chapters, so we recommend spreading the work over a few weeks leading up to the start of term.


How will I learn?

There will be pre-recorded lectures, some self-study chapters and exercise sheets on each chapter for you to try. The module will be asynchronous (i.e. no live events) but there will be support on hand from a team of academics.

Do I need to buy any books?

No, but you might find it useful to consult the books you already have from your A-levels (or equivalent).

What are monitoring points?

All Warwick departments are required to monitor student attendance on undergraduate courses for various reasons, ranging from legal obligations to the protection of student welfare. Monitoring attendance at set points in time is a way for the Maths department to check your engagement with your course.

Over the academic year there will be 13 "monitoring points" for first and second-year students in the Maths department and 12 points for third and fourth-year students. Every time you are recorded as having missed a monitoring point you will receive an automated email.

Monitoring points will be recorded in Tabula, so you can view a top-level summary of your attendance for the year there. For more information please see

Are there consequences of missing monitoring points?

3 Missed Points: we will contact you to investigate whether you are having any problems that are preventing you from fully engaging with your course.

4 Missed Points: we may refer you to the relevant professional within the University welfare system who could help you, such as the Senior Tutor or the Counselling Service, as appropriate.

5 Missed Points: you will be contacted to make you aware that you are at risk of being recommended for termination of your registration at the University.

8 Missed Points: The Maths department can invoke Regulation 36 (see below link to the University Calendar) to begin termination of registration proceedings and your case is handed over to the Academic Office:

It is especially important for international students to be aware of the above: The Academic Office is obliged to report to the UK Borders Agency if any students have been found not to be engaging with and attending their degree course.

If you have any questions or problems with any of this, please get into contact with

What if I cannot meet a monitoring point due to factors beyond my control, such as a family emergency?

If you have any extenuating circumstances which may prevent you attending a monitoring point, please submit this information, along with any relevant evidence, to Tabula via the Mitigating Circumstances ribbon.

I have been incorrectly recorded as having missed a monitoring point. How can I get this fixed?

If you have been incorrectly recorded as having missed a monitoring point, please email to ask for the record to be corrected. Please include any relevant evidence (such as an email from your personal tutor if the monitoring point relates to a personal tutor meeting).

What modules can I do?

In Year 1 and Year 2, students must take core modules, plus options. Module registration (and deregistration) is done online via MRM. Core, List A and List B modules you choose will be approved immediately online, for Unusual Options please see below. For a full list of modules available to you and their CAT load, please see the UG Handbook: The minimum load in each year is 120 CATS. There is more information on course regulations at the following link: It is also important to consider prerequisites for modules available in later years.


I don’t like one of my module choices.

You can deregister from an optional module, up to the deadline: End of the last week of Term 2 for modules examined in April, Start of the first week of Term 3 for modules examined in May/June. You may not be allowed to deregister from a module for which you have submitted (or should have submitted) work counting for more than 10% of the credit for that module (although this rule would normally be ignored for Maths modules). There is more information on module deregistration at the following link:


Can I take a module from a different department?

Yes, we call these Unusual Options. Unusual Options can also include modules normally available to students in another year only, but only if there are good educational grounds for it. You will need to submit your choices online via MRM and complete the online Unusual Options Request Form at the following link: Before submitting your Unusual Options requests, you need to obtain the agreement of 1) the module organiser and 2) your Personal Tutor. The form needs to be submitted by the end of Week 2 of the term the module is taught in. Unusual Options are subject to the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies once you have submitted the form. There is more information and some general rules to consider when choosing Unusual Options at the following link:


Can I change my degree course?

Yes, you can change your degree course within and outside of the Mathematics department, if you have taken the necessary prerequisite modules and subject to the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. You should first discuss your options with your Personal Tutor, who will be able to advise you. Then you will need to login to e:Vision and select Student Records Requests and then Create Course Transfer Requests. If you wish to transfer to a course outside of the Mathematics Department then you will need to talk to the department you wish to transfer to as well. There is more information on course transfers at the following link:


I want to temporarily withdraw/permanently withdraw.

Before requesting either temporary or permanent withdrawal, you must talk to your Personal Tutor, Year Tutor, Senior Tutor, Director of Student Experience or the Taught Programmes Manager. After discussing your options with one or more of the above, if you would still like to proceed with TWD/PWD, you will need to login to e:Vision and select Student Records Requests and then either Create Temporary/Permanent Withdrawal Request. Once you have filled out all the relevant information and submitted your request, you will be able to see a progress bar to track the progress of your request.

How do I hand in assignments and get my marked assignments back?

You will need to submit assignments online via Moodle. Marks and feedback will be made available to you on Moodle once all marking for the assignment has been completed. If it has been longer than 2 weeks and you still haven’t had your assignment back, please contact the TAs for the module.


Where are the supervision attendance and mark sheets?

Supervision attendance and mark sheets can be found online.


Where is my supervision taking place?

Your supervisor will contact you and your supervision group to arrange where and when your supervision will take place. Supervision groups will usually take place in the Zeeman building, although due to social distancing restrictions in place for 2020/21 some supervisions may be located outside of the Zeeman building, depending on available suitable space.


Where is my supervisor/lecturer? The session started 15 minutes ago but nobody is there.

If your supervision or lecture has been moved to a different time, location or cancelled for any reason then the supervisor or academic should email you directly to let you know.


Can I change supervision groups?

Due to current COVID-19 guidelines, requests to change superison groups will need to be considered on a case by case basis and are only likely to be approved under exceptional circumstances. Should you feel your request to change supervision groups fall under this category, you should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Taught Programmes Manager.

How do I submit Mitigating Circumstances?

You will need to login to your Tabula account and select the Mitigating Circumstances tab. If you follow the instructions and input all the necessary information including a scanned copy of any relevant documents e.g. Dr’s note, and submit your claim.

I submitted Mitigating Circumstances but I don’t know if it’s been taken into account.

Please contact either the Taught Programmes Manager, Fiona Linton or your Personal Tutor via email with any questions relating to your Mitigating Circumstances.

What are my Personal Tutor’s office hours?

We do not keep a central directory of Personal Tutors’ office hours. You will need to check their page in the staff directory or email them directly:


Can I change my Personal Tutor?

Requests to change Personal Tutor are considered on a case by case basis and may not always be possible. If you would like to discuss changing your Personal Tutor, you should contact the Senior Tutor in Mathematics or the Maths UG Office. Please note you will not be able to choose who your next tutor will be.

When are exams? I’m going on holiday during term time and want to make sure it won’t clash with exams.

We’re not certain of exam dates until timetables are released, so we advise against booking holidays or flights until you are certain of your exam timetable. Pre-booked travel is not usually accepted as Mitigating Circumstances for missing an assignment, assessment or examination.

My laptop is broken and this is impacting my ability to meet deadlines/engage in online learning. Is this good enough for an extension?

IT issues are not usually accepted as reasons for late submission of work, however extension requests are considered on a case by case basis. You should contact your Module Leader or the Maths UG Office in the first instance to discuss this.

My laptop is broken and I can't afford a new one right away. I can't participate fully in online learning. What can I do?

As a special measure during Covid-19, students without a working computer can request a loan laptop during the current assessment period. For more information contact the IT Services Help Desk at There is no charge for this service. Alternatively, if you are a home fee-paying undergraduate student or a Sanctuary Scholar who is struggling to meet the cost of the IT equipment you need to undertake your course, then you may be eligible to apply for a non-repayable IT Support Bursary of £600. For more information, visit the IT Support Fund at the following link:

Where is X room?

You can find a room location by using the interactive campus map: Please note there are duplicate room names across campus (e.g. B2.02,3), so make sure to arrive early to ensure you are in the right place.

How do I get to the Mathematical Sciences (Stats) Building and when is the Stats UG Office (MB0.11) open?

If you exit the Zeeman building and turn right at the Red Rocket van, you will find the entrance to the MS building on your right hand side. The Stats Support Office is normally open from 0930-1230 and 1400-1600. During COVID-19, please email the UG Office first to see if your enquiry can be dealt with online at:


Has the Wellbeing Room been moved?

The Wellbeing Room has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19. If you are struggling, please get in touch with the Wellbeing Support Services:

Can I book a room or The Street in the department?

During COVID-19, most rooms will be reserved for the use of module-related activities, meetings and supervisions. You may be able to book a room via Sheetal Sharma ( for small group activities. The Street is not available for bookings currently.


When is the Finance office open?

Please contact a member of the Finance Office, either Monika Plitt, (, Debbie Walker ( or Leanne Bezuidenhout (


Who do I contact about IT equipment in the TCC room?

The Maths UG Office is not responsible for the TCC room. Any queries with the day-to-day running of the room should be directed to one of the University of Warwick representatives at the following link:


Can I have the key for the Maths Society cupboard?

No, it is the society's responsibility to look after/organise who has the key.

Can you change my access?

If you email with your name and student ID number, we can have a look at your current access. Access is automatically applied to your student ID card that relates to your course, the likelihood is you already have the correct access.


Can I put up this poster?

Yes, if it is appropriate e.g. promotes societies at the university, relevant upcoming events. Please also remember to take down the posters after the event has taken place. During COVID-19, please ensure any posters promoting events are either virtual or that you adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines (please be mindful of the 2m SD rule when putting posters up).

The printer in the computer room has run out of paper/there is a paper jam.

Computer room printers in A0.01, A0.02 and A0.03 are centrally managed and are maintained and restocked by the central IT team. Once the printer is out of paper or there is a technical issue, the IT team is informed automatically. For printers within the Mathematics department, please email the room location and issue to the Maths UG Office ( and a member of the team will resolve the issue.


How do I switch on the projector in MS..?

Any issues with AV equipment in Centrally Timetabled Rooms, please contact the Audio Visual department at:


Can I borrow the department projector/laptop/laser pointer?

No, during COVID-19 you will not be able to borrow stationery or electrical equipment.

Where do I go for IT support?

For any IT issues, please visit the IT Services Help Desk:


Where can I charge my laptop/phone?

You should be able to charge your laptop and phone in the University library. During COVID-19, many dwell spaces with powerpoints nearby will be being used for teaching, or will have limited capacity for usage, in line with social distancing guidelines so please try and charge any electricals at home.


Do I need a password for wifi?

Yes, the internet on campus (Hotspot Secure) can be accessed by using your IT login information.


Can you print this personal document for me?

No, you should use the centrally managed printers to print off documents.


Where is a colour printer?

Coloured printers can be found in the central University library.


I have lost my ID card, can you give me access?

If your Student ID card is lost or stolen, please report it via the following link: and visit the Card Office at University House who will be able to create a replacement card for you.


I am a Maths student and my ID card won’t give me access during weekend evenings, can this be changed?

No, access to the building in the evenings and at the weekend is restricted to staff only.

Can you sign my Erasmus form please?

Either Anca Kranenbourg (B0.01) or Marco Schlichting can sign your Erasmus form.


How do I get a copy of my Transcript?

You can access a copy of your own Transcript through HEAR. Please go to and follow the instructions.


I need a Certificate of Status letter, can you do that?

No, the Student Services Reception in Senate House can provide you with a Status letter. For more information visit the following link:


My assignment mark is wrong on Tabula/HEAR can you change it?

Email the Maths UG Office at: stating your name, student ID, the module in question and what you believe the correct mark to be and we will be in touch either asking for evidence or to say the error has been corrected.


Where is the police registration?

For more information regarding police registrations, please visit the following link:

If I need a First Aider where should I go?

The Taught Programmes Manager, Fiona Linton and the Department Administrator, Jen Bowskill are the first aiders in the department.


I think I’ve been infected with COVID-19, I’m showing symptoms or someone I live with is showing symptoms. Do I need to inform the Maths dept?

If you show symptoms of COVID-19, you will need to contact the University via the COVID-19 helpline on 024 765 23111 and follow the guidance to self-isolate noted in the following page: Please also contact your Personal Tutor or the Maths UG Office and inform them of your situation.

Do I still have to pay student fees?

Can I withhold my tuition fee? The University continues to support all students in achieving their desired learning outcomes. As such, you will be expected to pay your fees. We appreciate this is an exceptional time, but it is important that you continue to pay your tuition fees by the published due date. For further queries about this, please contact the Student Finance Office at:


Will academic staff strike this year like they have done in previous years?

We don’t know unfortunately, if academic staff do strike the department will keep you updated.


I have a question about Student Careers and Skills.

The departmental Careers Consultant is Raymond Ryan and individual appointments can be booked with him. Please visit the following link for more careers information and booking details:

I have a question about accommodation/student finance.

The Student Services team based in Senate House can help with questions regarding accommodation and student finance. For a full list of services provided at Senate House, please go to the following link:


How do I contact the SSLC?

Each department in the University has an SSLC that feeds into both the Students’ Union and the University administration. For more information visit:
There is also a big SSLC noticeboard in the Street where you can find more information.

The vending machine has taken my money.

The Maths UG Office isn’t responsible for the vending machines, you will need to ask the Library Cafe for a refund.


I have a facilities issue/have found something is broken.

If you would like to report something as broken/needing repair, please contact the Estates Service Desk at the following link:

What do I do about monitoring points?

More information about the monitoring points scheme for 2020/21 can be found online at the following link: This includes guidelines on the responsibility and process for logging each monitoring point.


I’ve forgotten the key to my office.

Please email the UG Office to request a key to your office, listing the room number and we will be in touch with a designated time you can pick up a spare key from B0.01a.


I have to write a reference for a student, can I get their transcript/student file out of the cabinets?

If you need a student file, please email the UG Office. They will locate the file and let you know when you can come and pick it up via a dropbox in B0.01a. You can come into the UG Office during a quiet period when the office is open and ask us to retrieve the student file for you, but please ensure you adhere to social distancing guidelines when doing so and be mindful of the queue system we will have in place.


One of my personal tutees wants to know their ranking.

As a Personal Tutor this is something a tutee may request and requires your academic input as their Personal Tutor, it is not something done by the UG Office. Dave Wood as Director of Undergraduate Studies, or Richard Sharp as Senior Tutor may be able to help you with this if you are unsure, but in general we do not have official rankings and students should be placed in quartiles.


Can I still come and get stationery from the stationery cupboard?

If you need any stationery please email the UG Office at and we will create ‘packages’ with your name on and leave it by the printer in B0.01a for you to collect (room attached to the Maths UG Office).

Has my letter/parcel been delivered yet?

During COVID-19 we ask that you only have work related letters/parcels delivered to the department. Personal items, especially those requiring a signature should be delivered to your home address. Work related post delivered to the department will be placed in your pigeonhole by a member of the UG Office team. Please do not come into the UG Office looking for letters/parcels, as we are trying to decrease footfall and maintain social distancing.