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CS126 Design of Information Structures

CS126 is all about data structures and how to program them.

We are interested in:

  • what common data structures exist;
  • how we can program those data structures;
  • how we can represent them efficiently;
  • how we can reason about them (in a formal manner).

We are also interested in common algorithms that use data structures, including:

  • searching for data;
  • sorting data.


After you have completed the introductory programming module (CS118), you will understand the basic structures and concepts underpinning object-oriented programming. This module builds upon these foundations, and allows you to write large programs which use large data sets.

Year 1 regs and modules
G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 2 regs and modules
G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 3 regs and modules
G100 G103

Year 4 regs and modules

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