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MA4H8 Ring Theory

Lecturer: Charudatta Hajarnavis

Term(s): Term 1

Status for Mathematics students: List C

Commitment: 30 Lectures

Assessment: 3 hour exam (100%). The examination paper will contain five questions of equal credit. Four questions are to be answered.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic concepts in rings and modules. e.g. from the MA3G6 Commutative algebra course (see Additional Resources below)

Content: The course will be based on the lecture notes:

Both commutative and non-commutative rings will be studied. Our main aim is to develop the theory required to prove a theorem of Auslander and Buchsbaum that a (commutative) regular local ring is a unique factorisation domain. All known proofs of this theorem require methods form homological algebra. Thus we shall study properties of Noetherian rings and modules, look at projective resolutions of a module, define the global dimension of a ring and see how it relates to its Krull dimension.

Books: (For background reading and further study only):
M. Atiyah and I. Macdonald, Introduction to Commutative Algebra (QA 251.3.A8)
I. Kaplansky, Commutative rings (QA 251.3.K2)
J. Rotman, An Introduction to Homological Algebra (QA169.R667)
O. Zariski and P. Samuel, Commutative Algebra, vols. I & II (QA 251.3.Z2)

Additional Resources

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G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 2 regs and modules
G100 G103 GL11 G1NC

Year 3 regs and modules
G100 G103

Year 4 regs and modules

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